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Ferns 2016

There is increasing interest in indigenous ferns. Although most ferns prefer damp, shady positions and are often used as container plants, some varieties thrive in the open and even in sun. (e.g. Microsorium scolopendrium – the Dune fern). Some ferns are quite easy to propagate.

Asparagus densiflorus 'Meyers'

Cat's Tail Asparagus

80cm, fern-like 'cat-tails', decorative, sun/semi, red berries, potplant.

Asparagus macowanii

Zulu Asparagus

Shrub, 2m, semi-shade. Thorny branched plumes. Good indoor potplant.

Asparagus virgatus

Broom Asparagus

Delicate grass-like plant for sun or semi-shade. Leaves used for lining nests

Rumohra adiantiformis

Leather-leaf Fern

Rhizomatous fern in moist, shady conditions. Creeping steadily. in height.

Tectaria gemmifera

Mother Fern

1m, shade. "Snails" drop off and form new plants.

Todea barbara

Swamp Forest Fern

Attractive 1,5m small tree fern. Likes damp soil near streams in forest shade