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2016 Handbook

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The Botanical Society of South Africa
       Kwa Zulu-Natal Coastal Branch

  The 2015
Indigenous Gardening Handbook Is Still Available!

Call 031 201 5111

The 2016 Indigenous Gardening Handbook is here!

At the Plant Fair
Durban Botanical Gardens
-Visitors’ Centre
Flower Park Nursery - Hatton Estate



Gardening Information and
Plant Fair Plant List
 in an “all-in-one”  Handbook

The Handbook is timed to give visitors to the annual Indigenous Plant Fair, on Friday  19th to Sunday 21st August 2016, a sneak preview of plants that may be available that weekend. It also contains articles by some of South Africa’s foremost gardeners, landscapers, botanists and naturalists with practical advice on what plants to look out for at the Fair, and ways to increase biodiversity and attract birds, butterflies, bats and other wildlife to your garden.

The Handbook contains an extensive catalogue of indigenous plants – aloes, bulbs, trees, shrubs, ferns, climbers, ground covers, grasses and succulents – with descriptions and advice on growing conditions and special features. More than 750 species of indigenous plants will be available at the Fair and wise gardeners will make sure they have their Handbook in hand to enable them to make the most of this floral bonanza.

The handbook provides a handy list of wholesale nurseries, landscaping and consulting services and a wealth of advertisers.  It is now a collectable item because of the evergreen information it contains.   What started out as a fairly basic resource has become a top quality, full-colour production that gardeners should find indispensable.

Many of the horticulturists, botanists, landscapers, nursery proprietors, conservationists and top gardeners who contribute articles can generally also be found at the Fair as ‘plant experts’ advising customers or displaying books and other resources. Customers can thus enjoy access to an inspiring synergistic network of local environmental knowledge in the flesh and in print.


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