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The Botanical Society of South Africa
       Kwa Zulu-Natal Coastal Branch


2016 Handbook

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Availability of plants:
There will be times when, due to circumstances beyond our control, some listed plants are not available on the day. There may also be ‘late arrivals’ not included on the list.

Volunteer assistants:
Assistants in green and red aprons are available to advise about plants and at the till facilities.

Scouts and other helpers are available for a generous tip, with barrows/trollies to carry plants to the holding bays whilst you continue to shop. Once plants are purchased they are available to carry plants to the car. Please bring your car to the Walnut Road gate to load your plants - no trolleys are to be taken out of the Exhibition Centre.

Holding Bays and Mini-holding Bays:
Please store plants in the mini-holding bays available on the field. Note that you do use these at your own risk, as it will not be possible for them to be monitored by Plant Fair volunteers. When ready to pay, volunteers will prepare plants for scanning at the tills.

Till receipts are required for plants to leave the premises. Please collect plants and pay by 16h30.

Payment process:
Prices include VAT. Cash and credit cards (VISA MasterCard and debit cards) will be accepted.  Customers may be asked to produce ID.

Public announcements:
A public address system is available for urgent announcements Please speak to the announcer in the BotSoc tent.

General Assistance:
Volunteers at the BotSoc stand will provide general Plant Fair related information and tell you how you can join the Botanical Society.

Meals and drinks are available on the field and in the Exhibition Halls.

Accidents and emergencies:
Please report incidents to the BotSoc stand immediately. Emergency first aid services will be available at the Exhibition Centre.

Traffic control and security:
Volunteer marshals will direct vehicles to the correct parking areas and help manage the flow of traffic to and from the holding bay area. Please comply with signage instructions and requests from Marshals. Incorrectly parked vehicles may be removed and impounded. Security guards will be on duty at strategic points in the enclosure. Although the BotSoc Plant Fair management committee will take precautions to help ensure your safety, it cannot be held responsible for any injuries or losses. Please take good care of your personal effects.


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