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Shade Plants 2016

These plants are not happy in the sun, and will be found at the Fair under the shaded area between the palm trees.  If the plant you are looking for is not in its Form area, such as Bulbs, and it likes shade, it could be in the shaded area.

Aloe dyeri

Dyer's Aloe

Solitary stemless spotted aloe, semi-shade, tall branched red inflorescence

Asparagus virgatus

Broom Asparagus

Delicate grass-like plant for sun or semi-shade. Leaves used for lining nests

Behnia reticulata

Forest Smilax

Fragile forest climber makes good pot subject for deep shade .

Clivia miniata

Orange Clivia

Evergreen clumping bulb 50cm, needs shade, spectacular orange flower-heads

Clivia miniata

Yellow Clivia

Evergreen clumping bulb 50cm, needs shade, spectacular yellow flower-heads

Clivia nobilis

Eastern Cape Clivia

Drooping red, green-tipped flowers, leathery leaves, notched tip

Clivia robusta

Swamp Clivia

1.5m, light shade, orange tubular flowers; recent discovery in the human world

Clivia X 'Interspecific'

Hybrid Clivia

Evergreen clumping bulb, shade, spectacular apricot-orange trumpet flowers

Crinum moorei

Moore's Crinum

Deciduous bulb for damp sun, Large pink and white trumpets, grey-green foliage.

Dermatobotrys saundersii

Tree Jockey

Epiphyte on crowns of forest trees or Pondo Palms. Red flowers, edible fruits

Dracaena aletriformis

Dragon-leaf Tree

Form plant 1.5 to 3m. Shade. Fruits on showy candelabra ripen to orange.

Dracaena aletriformis

Large-leaved Dragon Tree

2m, shade to deep shade, birds food and nest plant. Good for pots indoors.

Drimiopsis maculata

Spotted-leaf Drimiopsis

Attractive small clumping bulb; ground cover for shade, potplant. Cute little lilies.

Haemanthus albiflos

Snowbrush Lily

Clumping semi-deciduous bulb for shade, pretty white torch lilies, red berries

Hibiscus pedunculatus

Forest Pink Hibiscus

Small shrub, light shade, pretty pink flowers.

Indigofera natalensis

Forest Indigo

Delicate upright understorey shrub, 2-5m. Tiny white flowers, rust-red seedpods

Isoglossa woodii


2-3m, forest understorey, butterflies

Mackaya bella

River Bells

3m, light shade, rich damp soil. Large palest mauve flowers.

Metarungia pubinervia

Red Sunbird Bush

2m, shade, red flowers for birds. Newly cultivated - a find!

Microsorum scolopendrium

Dune Fern

Pleasing groundcover for sun or shade.  Also for hanging baskets

Oplismenus hirtellus

Basket Grass

Small ornamental spreading grass 15cm, grows well in shade. Birds eat seeds

Plectranthus ambiguus

Large-flowered Plectranthus

1m, shade, mauve flowers, good container

Plectranthus 'Cape Angels'

Cape Angels

80cm soft shrublet, shade, mauve flowers

Plectranthus ciliatus

Speckled Spur Flower

40cm spreading, shade, attractive foliage.

Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'

Mona Lavender

50cm shrublet, light shade, pretty mauve flowers

Plectranthus zuluensis

Zulu Spur-flower

50cm sprawling, semi-shade, pretty blue or white flowers.

Psychotria capensis

Black Bird-berry

Bushy shrub 2m sun or shade, yellow flowers, birds. Good screen.

Rumohra adiantiformis

Leather-leaf Fern

Rhizomatous fern in moist, shady conditions. Creeping steadily. in height.

Scadoxus membranaceus

Dwarf Paintbrush

30cm, shade on dunes, small orange torch lily, glossy red berries last for weeks

Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katharinae

Katherine Wheel

1m deciduous bulbs for moist light shade. Spaerical pink-red inflorescence

Scadoxus puniceus

Snake Lily

70cm deciduous bulb, sun/shade, stunning large orange flowerhead, red berries

Selaginella kraussiana

Moss Fern

10cm, damp shade, good for between paving stones or rockery; or as pot plant

Talbotia elegans


Tufted herb, 30cm, damp shade on krantzes, white star flowers; good potplant

Tectaria gemmifera

Mother Fern

1m, shade. "Snails" drop off and form new plants.

Todea barbara

Swamp Forest Fern

Attractive 1,5m small tree fern. Likes damp soil near streams in forest shade

Veltheimia bracteata

Glossy Forest Lily

Bulb with dark glossy foliage in light shade. Blooms 80cm, pink flowers.