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Site 2     Grasslands Indigenous Nursery
Site 3     Butterfly Garden Nursery/Eco Rocks
Site 4     Ladybird Landscapes
Site 5
Site 6     BotSoc / God’s Green Gifts
Site 7     Twinstreams / Simon’s Pride
Outside entrance gate     C J M Growers large trees
Inside of bridge,     south side C J M Growers
A     Beachwood Honorary Officers
B     Botanical Society of SA – KZN Coastal Branch
C     Flora & Fauna Publications Trust
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F     Monkey Helpline
G     eThekwini Municipality’s EPCPD Restoration Ecology Branch: Community Reforestation Programme
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J     Endangered Wildlife Trust
K     Lepidopterists’ Society
L     BirdLife Port Natal
N     Food serving tent & storage
O     Timberwatch

To all volunteers.

Thank you for helping at the Indigenous Plant Fair, at its new venue, the Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve. Please see the map and proposed site plan attached.

Do’s and don’ts
Please don’t bring a handbag or valuables; use a moon-bag instead. Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Smile! Be aware of potential security concerns and alert security or a committee member to anything suspicious. Do not confront or resist – we have security experts on hand.

Please park neatly in the parking area; the cars will be looked after all day.

What to do when you arrive
On arrival please tell the Entrance volunteer that you are a volunteer and go straight to the BotSoc Information stand in the lapa, where you will receive your apron. Then proceed to the area where you have volunteered your help. If your section is quiet, please help the exit control if the queues are long, or find another way to help. The BotSoc stand will be able to direct you if necessary.

If you are a Plant Specialist, please look at the different nurseries and see which plants are on sale, and assist customers as best you can. Try to sell as many plants as possible, and keep people buying if the queues are long. During quiet times please see if any plant labels need to be put onto the plants. If plants are sold out please leave the T-marker in place.

Entrance Gate: There is an entry fee of R10 for adults and R5 for children over 10. Please give out tickets to all visitors over 10 years old, to keep track of numbers. Please give out survey forms, and sell raffle tickets if you are not too busy. We are hoping to have a food menu at the Entrance as well, so people can buy food tickets as they come in. We are accepting cash and payment by Zapper. Exit Control has been set up so that the Botanical Society can collect a portion of each nursery’s sales as a contribution to the Society. All plants need to be checked at the exit, before they go to the holding bays or directly to the car park. Each plant will have a coloured sticker on it, and each nursery will provide the customer with a copy of the invoice for the plants with the same coloured sticker on. Please check that the number of plants tallies with the invoice, and keep this copy of the invoice. As customers are buying from different nurseries you may have a few of these to check for each customer. There will be a couple of exceptions to this, we will show you them on the day.

Holding bay security should watch plants stored after payment; customers can store plants in the external holding bays under the north side of the bridge until they fetch their cars. Here, a security disc should be given out. Plant fair trolleys/carts may not leave the site, and the plants must be unloaded into a holding bay if the cart is needed by another customer. One cart must be kept in the Holding Bay at all times to ferry plants to customer’s cars.

Plant Sales There are three nurseries who are not selling their own plants, and we will be selling them on their behalf. The plants will be labelled and priced, and a triplicate invoice must be used to record the sales. Stick the correct coloured sticker on the invoice to match the plant, and give the customer the top two copies of the invoice, one for Exit Control and the other for them to keep, Any other instructions will be given on the day. Enjoy yourself, and thank you for giving up your time!

Contact numbers:
Sandra Dell                 071 869 3693
Janet Longman           082 565 0444